Residential Roof Options: Pros & Cons of Shingle Roofing

It is important to know different types of shingle roofing options before you make the biggest investment in your home. There are mainly three types of shingle roofing options available in the market: asphalt, cedar and metal. Of course, you will have to keep in mind various factors before choosing any of these residential roofing options, for example affordability, durability, suitable for your house, appearance, etc.

Each shingle roofing type has its pros and cons, as it contains different materials, installment process, designing, etc. The most famous and cost efficient shingle roofing option available is Asphalt Shingle. In fact, asphalt shingles are the most common material used in residential roofing today.

But this does not narrow down the possibilities of getting other types of residential roofing. To help you select the perfect shingle roofing option, we have listed the pros and cons of the three types of residential roofing options mentioned above.

  1. Asphalt Shingles:

  • PROS –
  • Cost efficient- As mentioned before, asphalt shingle roofing is considered to be the most affordable residential option for everyone. With low cost materials and easy installation, asphalt shingles are an apt choice for a new makeover of your house.
  • Durability- One of the other reasons why asphalt shingles are more famous than other roofing options is that is has a larger lifespan (roughly thirty years). It offers a great fire resistant advantage with additional treatments available to make shingles lost even longer.
  • Eco-Friendly Material- Not only asphalt shingles offer easy installation, it is environmental friendly with recyclable material as well. Cherry on top, these types of shingles requires low maintenance, saving you from additional spending of money every now and then.
  • CONS –
  • Prone to weather damages- Asphalt shingles are a boon for every household, but it is very vulnerable to different types of weather, which can easily cause damage to its material. For example, storms, lets in too much heat, etc.
  • Limited to certain types of roof- These types are shingles are not suitable for flat roofs, as it is feared that they will weather out faster than other shingles.

  1. Cedar Shingles

  • PROS –
  • Enhances the look- Cedar Shingles are known for its beautiful appearances that enriches the look of your house.
  • Energy Efficient- As compared to other types of residential roofing options, Cedar shingles are the most energy efficient shingles to be available in the market, as it allows your house to breath with good air circulation.
  • CONS – 
  • Costly- Buying cedar shingles maybe affordable but its expensive installation and maintenance makes them one of the most costly shingle roofing options. 
  • Small Lifespan – Cedar shingles may make the appearance of your house more remarkable but it won’t provide you with good durability. They roughly last 15-20 years.

  1. Metal Shingles 

  • PROS –
  • Good Lifespan – Metal Shingles are known for its long durability (it lasts up to 40-50 years). In addition, these types of shingles are considered best for steep or flat rooflines.
  • Energy Efficient – Metal Shingles are not just fire resistant, but also a good energy efficient investment in your house (helps to keep the house cool).
  • CONS – 
  • Expensive – These types of residential roofing shingles are not so common on the market, which makes them expensive. Moreover, their installation process, maintenance and damage repairing process are costly too.
  • Noisy- During rainy season, these shingles usually make a lot of noise.

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